Gary Lang is an accomplished Director, Writer, and Showrunner specializing in unscripted storytelling for international television. In the past two decades Lang has directed, written or produced over three hundred high-rating programs seen by billions worldwide.

Top broadcasters include Hulu (US) The Discovery Channel (US, Canada, and International), National Geographic (US and International), History Channel (US and Canada), Vice (US and Canada) Canal+ (France), Channel Four (UK), Five (UK).

Lang’s areas of interest and expertise cover a vast number of subjects, including science, technology, natural history, archaeology, crime, disasters, war, military intelligence, exploration, and espionage.
All of these programs are distinguished by their attention to story, access, and high production values.

With over two decades of field experience as a director, Lang’s high-profile work has ranged from deep ocean exploration (Titanic, Raising the Kursk) to risky expeditions (The Crystal Cave), programs which are among the top-rated and most heavily repeated on cable.

As a writer/story producer/showrunner, Lang has worked on the front lines and behind the scenes on literally hundreds of hours of television, and is as well-known for turning around difficult projects as he is for his own directing and writing.